Note: Percentage changes have been calculated with respect to 2019-20 Budget Estimate Figures. The figures for total Union Budget Expenditure, for 2019-20 RE and 2020-19 BE, include Funds collected from GST Compensation Cess, which are transferred to a non-lapsable fund in the Public Account.


The demands for different ministries provide information on the following heads of Budget Allocations, Development Heads and Investment in Public Enterprises. Allocations pertaining to the Establishment Expenditure of the Centre, Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Central Sector Schemes, different Autonomous, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies can be obtained from the database built from the Demands of the different ministries/departments. It also provides details of the the General, Economic and Social services. The table below is provided with a search bar and filters on total allocations earmarked for each department in the Union Budget of 2020-19.